Mass Prestige Poster

Automated Link Building Robot Software
Mass Prestige Poster is a professional link building tool used by top blackhat seo marketers. We use it ourselves, now we give it to you so you can succeed in money making online.

Only 13 copies will be sold per month [my lucky number].

This is NOT marketing trick and You will know it right before order – we REALLY sell 13 copies a month and this is ONLY REALLY LIMITED BLACKHAT TOOL on the market.

Mass Prestige Poster has been FIELD TESTED IN THE MOST COMPETITIVE SEO NICHES like pharmacy (viagra, cialis, xanax etc), casinos (play poker, texas holdem, roulette) and cpa (acai berry, teeth whitening).

It is versatile and powerful.

Where can MPP post?

Mass Prestige Poster can post to ALL PLACES other tools on the market can and many more.
Currently there are over 26 systems for which Mass Prestige Poster is programmed. MPP also uses Artificial Intelligence that lets it fill forms on another unknown systems and websites.

Examples of place where it can create links are

  • Wordpress
  • Blogengine
  • Geeklog
  • ExpressionEngine
  • Blog2evolution
  • Drupal blog systems
  • guestbooks, wikis and many, many more.

After buying the linkbuilding software You get complete CMS list with footprints.

Does MPP create anchored backlinks?

In many cases MPP blasts links with an anchor, everything depends on the system in runs too while doing link building.

What is the speed of MPP ?

10mbit line with 128ram + unchecked list mixed – 10/minute
10mbit line with 2gb ram + unchecked list mixed -25/minute

What are features of software?

  • It will work with any .txt link database (self scraped, boughtm found on forum,from other software)
  • Can use as many links as you want randomly combined with anchors choosen by You
  • You give your backlink(s), anchor(s), comment(s) and database to make links on, the rest of into needed to submit forms tool generates automatically
  • Can use proxies
  • Can can use for solving captchas
  • Can recognize CMS itself (no more having each CMS in different file)
  • Has a pause function, so You can replay it from same place instead of going from the start
  • Auto Update feature will make sure You are always with latest version
  • Gives report on where it could post which is updated on-the-fly
  • You are allowed run it few times¬† on 2 different computers
  • automated link building software

    User Interface Of MPP

What do I get along with the software ?

You will receive

  • access to private forum where you can share ideas and tricks with other users
  • a step by step guide on usage of Mass Prestige Poster
  • a few free addon tools (serp scraper, links cleaner, backlink checker)

Will there be a charge for upgrades?

No! This software is one-time payment for current version.  There will be no upgrade charges for updates, support patches or any releases from the time You buy it.

What are the system requirements to run Mass Prestige Poster?

Windows, NET Framework installed and an internet connection. We have tested MPP on 128MB RAM systems and it has run smoothly. MPP is designed to be efficient software! You do not need any dedicated quadcore servers to run it!

There is no refund. If you are worried it may not run on your windows please run THIS TEST PROGRAM. If the test program executes, it means Mass Prestige Poster will work on your system. Be aware that on Windows 7 decaptcher function may not work at some installs.