This is definatelly the closest tool to Xrumer on the market. Everything else is far, far away from this two. iglow @

I have used it to backlink doorways (parasite hosting) and some of my own sites I want to test for a quick bump in the serps. It can produce a lot of links quickly. I have used it while testing to rank some new domains in competitive niches. guerilla @

I do a lot of comment spam. To me, it’s worth having something more reliable to post to BE blogs with than SB was. To me, it’s $200 well spent and I haven’t worked with the other CMS’s yet. But use what I said above to qualify why it’s $200 well spent. Not everyone has the same requirements that I do. Some of you are different than I am. G0D0VERY0U Jr. VIP @

Mass Prestige Poster is one of only few link-building tools that deliver. The number of CMSs available for link-building is beyond any other tool including Xrumer. Once you’ve built up a filtered list, you know you have the power to get sites moving up the SEPRs!
Brad @